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  • Posted somewhere else, so I pasted it here:

    True story: a few days before these shows, I was told that you could nominate a teacher or first responder for free tickets to one of these shows. I’m a teacher, but I couldn’t nominate myself, and we were about to go out of town, camping, so I created a login using my 16 year old daughter’s name, saying how much her dad LOVES the Dead, and he’s a dedicated educator and toatlly deserves the tickets. blah, blah, blah.

    I then went camping about five hours north of where I live in Berkeley, not returning until the night before the first show, and the day they were going to announce the winners. Read that again: they were going to announce the winners the DAY BEFORE THE SHOWS.

    I was on my way back from my trip when I decided to see if I received a notification about my nomination.

    Lo and behold I WON!!!!

    I was so excited. When I got home I logged into the system to read what I had won: a pair of tickets to the show at Red Rocks for June 8th. That’s it. Nothing more. No airline tickets. No hotel accommodations. Nothing more. And this was on June 7th.

    Have you ever tried to book airline and hotel for the next day? You wanna guess what it was going to cost me? Needless to say, I turned down the tickets.

    Thanks Bobby.

    I thanked my daughter for the nomination. She rolled her eyes and walked on by.

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